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Have you ever wanted to do a military record search to discover what your father or uncle (or grandfather) did in the army during World War 2 or during the Korean War? Well now it is easier than it ever was before. While we may realize that we will never understand the wartime experiences of our close( or distant) relatives, it is important to remember what they sacrificed to make out lives better.

There is a way to uncover this information and to preserve the memory of the heroic men (and women of course) who played such a crucial part in protecting our livelihood and freedom in times of war. Most of the official military records of veterans who served in the 20th century are held at the National Archives in St. Louis. This includes everything, for example, from Elvis’ military records to those of your great-granddad who served in World War I.

war-recordsSo, if you are looking to unlock the mysteries surrounding a relative’s military service, the answers you have been looking for are easily available at the center. But who really wants to travel all the way to St Louis and then wait in line to do a formal military record search .. and as we all know dealing in person with bureaucratic government agencies can be frustrating.

The National Archives does not have the time or the resources to fully pursue every single record request that comes their way. For this reason, your best bet is to sign up online to join the military records database.

Search the archives from the comfort of your own home, in real time. So, what can military research reveal for us? Surprisingly, an incredible amount of details can be learned if one knows how to browse online, and there is help available.  These are just a few of the details that a military record searchers can uncover for you:

  • When a veteran soldier joined or left a particular unit, which will help identify what battles he took part in.
  • A veteran’s Occupational Specialty, or assigned jobs throughout his military career.
  • The approximate date and location a veteran was missing, wounded, or killed in action (often including medical details on the type of wounds sustained).
  • Army bases where the veteran was stationed, or transferred to, often including map coordinates and the names of ships during transport.
  • When and where a veteran was promoted, demoted or (potentially) subjected to disciplinary action.
  • When and where a veteran was sent to a hospital for treatment or to another activity for training.

Many times a ‘record of events’ can include combat details along with the dates and locations where these events occurred. This is really exciting because it gives us an idea of what daily life was like for our relative’s when they were in combat. If you have always wondered about your relative’s participation in the wars the answers to your questions might not be as difficult to find as you once thought.

Military record search of individual veterans can yield a great deal of information about what they did and when and where they served. It is important that we don’t allow the memory of our veterans’ service to the nation to fade away and there is no better way to do this than by gaining a greater understanding of their experiences during the war.

Hopefully this post will serve as an inspiration for you to begin a journey of discovery about your own family’s military heritage. Go ahead and do a military record search on the web today, you’ll be glad you did.

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